BMA suggests reopening 8 businesses, exercise venues on May 1

BANGKOK Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is proposing the reopening of eight types of businesses and exercise venues on May 1 including public parks and golf courses, veterinary clinics, beauty parlours and barber shops and markets, PostToday reported this afternoon (28.4.2020)

Bangkok Governor Pol Gen Aswin Kwanmuang said after a BMA executive meeting that it is getting ready to introduce a relief measure to the Covid-19 restrictions with eight types of establishments and exercise venues to be allowed to reopen on May 1 according to certain rules.

These are as follows:

  1. Restaurants where people can eat in but the tables have to be placed 1.5 metres apart and no alcohol served. They have to follow the timings set by the emergency decree.
  2. Markets and market fairs where all types of goods are sold.
  3. Gyms which have to arrange a distance between their members. Also to be allowed to reopen are sports centres and BMA’s youth centre but people will only be allowed to go in and join non-intimate sports such as jogging, badminton, table tennis and tennis while team sports such as football, volleyball, basketball and softball where team members get close to each other will not be allowed.
  4. Public parks to go in and exercise and relax but socializing in groups will be forbidden
  5. Beauty parlours and barber shops will be allowed to only open to cut and dry hair. The operators and their staff have to stop to clean and sanitize every 2 hours. Clients have to make a reservation in advance and may not sit and wait for their turn in the shop. Beauticians and barbers have to wear masks and shields.
  6. Pet grooming parlours, veterinary clinics and animal hospitals. Only one pet per person allowed in and the operators have to stop to clean and disinfect every 2 hours.
  7. Clinics and nursing homes.
  8. Golf courses and driving ranges.


A row of shuttered shops at a corner of Bangkok. Photo: PostToday


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