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Thaksin’s medical expenses at Police Hospital entirely covered by taxpayers’ money

  By Thai Newsroom Reporters ALL EXPENSES ON MEDICAL treatments of “sickly” de facto Pheu Thai boss/convict at large Thaksin Shinawatra at Police Hospital are being entirely covered by the taxpayers’ money and not his, according to an informed source. Thaksin, who has been admitted for undisclosed “illnesses” at Police Hospital since Aug.22, marking the

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Pheu Thai Party’s strategy of ‘trying to beat ’em and looking to bow to ’em’ just won’t work 

By Out-Crowd GIVEN THEIR REPEATED STRATEGY OF ”trying to beat ’em and looking to bow to ’em”, Pheu Thai Party will likely lose many MP seats to Move Forward Party though the former might probably win more MP seats than Palang Pracharath Party in the next election nationwide. As long as Pheu Thai Party, with

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