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Samut Prakan heavily flooded after all-night rain


MANY districts of Samut Prakan province adjacent to Bangkok were heavily flooded after torrential rain from last night till this morning (Sept. 10) with this exacerbated by high tide, TV Channel 7 said.

Several houses, cars and other assets in Bang Phli, Bang Sao Thong and Bang Bo districts got flooded because residents were not able to move them to a safe place before floodwater gushed in. People were helping move vehicles out of some housing estates where floodwater was 80 cm high.

Moreover the outbound side of Bangna-Trat highway was also flooded at kilometre 23, or the entrance to Wat Bua Roi temple, particularly the two lanes of the parallel road leading to heavy traffic congestion.

Meanwhile in Rangsit to the north of Bangkok the city’s mayor Pol. Capt. Dr. Trilup Thoopkrachang said even though the floodwater had dropped the situation was still worrisome because 60% of the area remained inundated.

With the floodwater having decreased the red flag alert issued earlier this week had been changed to orange flag but officials are still closely monitoring the situation. Any increase of flooding would be from additional rainfall.

Trilup also mentioned that planning had been wrong right from the start with the mass of water from the east diverted to Rangsit making projection difficult. Another round of heavy rain would lead to more water being channelled to Rangsit Prayurasak canal as usual because there is no other way out.

Right now Rangsit city has 55 pumps and has requested for more at the least to keep on standby. If the water in Rangsit Prayurasak canal drops then they could be used to quickly pump the floodwater there.


Flood misery in Samut Prakan. Photos: TV Channel 7

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