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Thonglor residents suffering from lights of giant LED advertising screen

SOME PEOPLE who have been living in shophouses on one side of the entrance of Soi Thonglor for decades have for several months now been affected with high-intensity lights of a giant LED advertising screen installed on the other side with one family having to cover their shophouse with tarp to cut the glare, Amarin TV said today (Dec. 7).

Mrs. Natthiyan Assanuwong, 60, told a team of reporters who went to investigate that the greatly disturbing lights from the eight-metre wide and 32-metre long LED advertising screen directly opposite started hitting their home from August 1 this year and they were forced to cover the front with tarp.

Unable to tolerate the lights shining brightly into their home day and night she went to file a complaint with Thawi Wattana district office’s civil engineering department and the officials confirmed that it is illegal to install such a large LED advertising screen without licence.

Then on Aug. 6 she filed a complaint with the police but nothing was done. On Nov. 22 she went to file a complaint with the Environment Department that the high-intensity lights from the giant LED screen were ruining their health –  damaging their eyes, affecting their brain and possibly causing cancer. The officials confirmed that this is illegal and that they would rectify it within seven days. However, more than seven days have passed and nothing has been done.

Natthiyan spoke to the owner of one of the shophouses where the huge LED advertising screen sits over the phone. He acknowledged that he knew this screen was being installed in place of a spotlight-lit hoarding previously there.

She lambasted him for having no consideration for his neighbours with whom he has been living for decades.

With no action being taken her family continues to suffer having to sleep on the ground to avoid the lights and wearing masks even within their home.  While the tarp at the front of their shophouse helps cut the glare, it also stops sunlight and wind from coming in.


The huge LED advertising screen that is making life miserable for some people living in shophouses at the entrance of Soi Thonglor. Photos: Amarin TV


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