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Activist group’s leader files complaint over alleged police brutality


THE leader of We Volunteer (WeVo) activist group together with the victim of alleged police brutality and a lawyer filed a complaint for legal action against the police team involved in the incident that took place in front of Din Daeng police station on Oct. 29, Siam Rath newspaper said today (Nov. 1)

Mr. Piyarat Jongthep, WeVo’s leader, said on that day Mr. Atthasit Nussa, 35, came to this area to attend a memorial event for Warit Somnoi, 15, who died at Rajavithi Hospital ICU after almost three months of treatment upon being hit with a bullet in his upper spinal cord in front of this police station while a protest was underway in the area mid-August.

Atthasit had arrived there at 5.45 p.m. but at 6 p.m. police arrested him and took him to an investigation room where he was both kicked and a bat used to beat him, Piyarat alleged.

He said he had brought photos along as evidence of police brutality.

Pol. Col. Rattchai Sriwichai, superintendent of Din Daeng police station, has initially accepted the complaint while saying that an investigation will take place with those involved being interrogated in detail for further legal action.


WeVo’s leader shows some of the photos presented as evidence, above, while the victim points to a bruise he suffered on his face, Home Page. Photos: Siam Rah

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