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Banker kills girlfriend, injures restaurateur in jealous rage 

A YOUNG banker in Loei province shot dead his girlfriend outside a restaurant in jealous rage at 2 a.m. this morning (April 10) after seriously wounding the restaurateur then also killed himself by firing a shot in the temple, Sanook.com said.

The violence erupted at a rice porridge restaurant in Wang Saphung district where the banker, Mr. Kittiwat, 31, was eating and drinking with four friends. 

A little while later Mr. Thanachai Huengrungroj, 67, a former bank manager, came in and sat at a table with two Laotian women  Ms. Thidtee, 31, and Miss Savanthong, 21. Soon after that Ms. Wannilai, 26, rode up on a motorcycle and joined them.

As Kittiwat, who was divorced and supporting two children was dating Wanilai, he got jealous and went and punched Thanachai in the face.

The restaurateur,  Mr. Chanchai then stepped in and told Kittiwat to stop and for him and his friends to leave his establishment.

Half an hour later at  2 a.m. Kittiwat zoomed back to the restaurant on his motorcycle and the owner, fearing another scene, came out to stop him but this further enraged the banker who pumped two bullets into his chest.

His girlfriend and her friends ran for their life towards the side of the restaurant but Kittiwat chased them and fired two shots at Wannilai with one hitting her mouth through the cheek and the other her left arm, killing her on the spot. He then shot himself in the right temple.

When police and rescuers arrived they quickly sent Chanchai to the hospital for treatment with the bodies of the dead couple taken for autopsy.


Top: The rice porridge restaurant where the shooting and killing took place at 2 a.m. this morning. Thai headline says, “Two dead bodies at rice porridge shop.” Photo: Sanook.com


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