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Neighbour rescues abandoned newborn baby with chubby cheeks

AT around midnight last night a man in Samut Prakan came down from his house upon being alerted by neighbourhood cats crying nonstop and then found a naked newborn baby girl lying on a bench in the cold air with a black garbage bag next to her and quickly rescued her, Sanook.com reported this afternoon (Dec. 23, 2020).

Mr. Chainarong Mongkholkhaeha, 52, said he was falling asleep after a hard day’s work but the cats would not stop crying so he came down and played with them for a few minutes.

He then heard a baby crying at a block of flats nearby so hurriedly went there and quickly picked up the cute newborn girl with chubby cheeks and the umbilical cord still attached and brought her home. He  wrapped her in a cloth and called the police and rescuers and went back to the spot where he had rescued her to wait for them.

When the rescuers got there they found that the baby was cold, one of them flipped her over and slapped her bottom for a long time before she cried out. After that a professional nurse cut the umbilical cord, wrapped her in a towel and put her in a medical baby bag.

Samrong Tai police said they are checking surveillance camera clips to see who abandoned the infant. It is suspected that the mother lives in this vicinity and legal action will be taken against her once apprehended.


A rescuer slapping the baby’s bottom, above, and she is looking cute wrapped in a towel, below. Thai headline says. “mother dumped me.” Photos: Sanook.com


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