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Solo protest at police station as students unveil new campaign

AN ANONYMOUS man came at Lumpini police station today (Nov. 30) to protest against enforcing the law against students fighting for democracy while “bad students” announced a campaign to wear casual clothes to school, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

The solo protester, around 45-50 years of age and wearing a white T-shirt,  navy blue shorts and ankle boots, stood in front of the station with a protest placard hanging from his neck and holding a large lit candle.

He said he could not tolerate police applying the law against children, students and youths who are fighting for democracy.

He added that he personally thought that at present Thai society, particularly the justice system, was blind. That was why he brought  a large candle along to give some light and that he would be standing there for an hour.

At the same time Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan said students would not be allowed to wear casual clothes to school as announced by the KKC student association and “bad students” group to do so from tomorrow, December 1.

The minister pointed out that schools had a very clear dress code and all parties should understand this.

The student groups had kicked off their campaign today by putting up large signs to wear casual clothes to school tomorrow at various pedestrian overpasses around Bangkok, with two locations being out of Triamudomsuksa School and Pratunam area.

The student groups also revealed the names of 23 schools where students would show up in their ordinary clothes.


Top: The solo protester standing outside Lumpini police station today. Photo: Thai Rath

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