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Some senators threaten to stay away if there is chaos

WITH both People’s Party and royalists getting ready to hold rallies in front of the Parliament on Nov. 17-18 when constitution amendment drafts will be deliberated some senators have threatened to stay away if there is chaos, Siam Rath newspaper reported this morning (Nov. 16).

These senators said they would not show up to vote on these amendments on Nov. 18 if the two protest groups surround the Parliament.

Meanwhile Parliament President Chuan Leekpai said this morning that he has already ordered strict control of the Parliament building during these two days but it is the duty of the government to maintain peace and order in areas beyond the complex.

He urged MPs not to be impetuous but also not so afraid that it leads to problems, pointing out that assembling is allowed under the law.

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan has also told security forces to brace for these upcoming rallies.

Regarding Palang Pracharath Party’s deputy leader and list MP Paiboon Nititawan saying that some MPs and senators would not accept Internet Dialogue on Law Reform’s (iLaw’s) constitution amendment draft, Prawit said this is a matter for MPs and senators to decide.

It was reported that government MPs would vote for both the government and opposition amendment drafts as they are similar and seek to change Section 256. They also want a Constitution Drafting Committee to be set up.

On iLaw’s amendment draft, the government side has decided to opt for either one of two directions: listen to the explanation of the proponents first and see whether they are able to answer questions or just abstain from voting.


MPs and senators attending a Parliament meeting recently. Photo: Siam Rath

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