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Anti-government, gender equality protest in Silom this evening

METROPOLITAN Police are fully prepared to maintain law and order during a demonstration taking place this evening (Nov. 7) in Silom area as announced by Seree Thai Plus group at its Free Gender TH Facebook page, Thai Rath newspaper and INN News reported.

Called “Mob Tung Ting 2,” the leaders of those gathering to protest against the government and to demand gender equality had already got permission from Metropolitan Police to do so.

According to the post at their Facebook page, the demonstrators will gather at Sam Yan intersection at 4 p.m. today and then at 5 p.m. will cross over to the Wat Hua Lamphong side then march to Silom Soi 2 where at 6 p.m. speeches will be given on a stage set up there.

Meanwhile Metropolitan Police Commander Pol. Maj. Gen. Methi Rakphan said a unit of around 500 to 600 officers had already been assigned to take care of this gathering but more men could be sent in depending on how many people show up.

He added that there is nothing to worry about this rally with police closely following the rallies of all groups and can flexibly adjust their plans according to the situation.

It is expected that this demonstration will have an impact on the traffic flow at Rama 4 road, both in- and outbound, and Phaya Thai road. Police have told the public to avoid this route even though they will be doing their best to minimize the impact on traffic and to closely follow the news.


Top: A protester joining the demonstration this evening. Photo: Thai Rath



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