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Key parliamentary session kicks off as royalists submit letter

THE two-day special parliamentary session got underway this morning (Oct. 26) with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha proposing a motion for a general debate without a vote under Section 165 of the Constitution, INN News and Sanook.com reported.

Gen. Prayut said in his opening speech that as the country now faces a significant problem in the administration of state affairs the Cabinet deemed it appropriate to listen to the opinions of parliamentarians, particularly on the holding of political rallies both in Bangkok and in the provinces.

He added that frequent congestion could lead to Covid-19 spreading here, with there also being a flood problem affecting many people.

 In this situation it has to be determined how to carefully proceed with the administration of the country, how to reduce problems and conflicts and how to economically move forward together, he said, adding that confidence has to be built up both within the country and overseas.

Meanwhile Mr. Suwit Thongprasert, formerly an ultra-royalist activist monk under the name Buddha Issara, and leader of the People’s Organisation for Royal Thai Monarchy Protection, submitted a letter to the Speaker of House of Representatives Chuan Leekpai objecting to setting up a special committee to reform the monarchy.

The letter, signed by over 3,000 people, also objects to the amendment of all sections of the constitution related to the Thai monarchy.

Receiving the letter on Chuan’s behalf were Mr. Tankhun Jitissara , head of the House political working group, and Mr. Somboon Uthaiwienkul, secretary to the House Speaker.


 Gen. Prayut delivering his opening address this morning, above, and Suwit at the Parliament to deliver his group’s letter, below. Photos: INN News and Sanook.com




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