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Boy, 4, severely beaten by mum, stepdad

HOSPITALIZED with two ribs and a collarbone broken and around 20 new and old wounds on his body is four-year-old Nong Ton (assumed name) with his real mother and stepfather confessing to having beaten him to make sure he turns out to be a good and smart lad, Sanook.com reported this morning (August 19, 2020).

The boy’s real father Mr. A (assumed name) had filed a report with Bang Khen police station that he suspected he had been severely physically abused after getting a phone call from his ex-wife Ms. Mallika (surname withheld), 20, on August 16 that the boy had slipped on the bathroom floor and urgent surgery was required at a cost of 100,000 baht. A and Mallika had separated two years ago.

Last night Pol. Capt. Thira Lanamwong, an inspector at Bang Khen station, called Mallika and her new husband Mr. Barami (surname withheld), 32, for interrogation.

Both confessed to having together beaten Nong Ton for allegedly being stubborn with the woman doing so with a plastic spine binder until it broke while the man with a hose. Aside from the intention of turning him into a good and smart boy, the couple admitted to quarreling frequently and taking out their frustration on the boy.

Meanwhile A’s friends and relatives had surrounded Bang Khen police station last night to have a look at the suspects with this preventing police from taking the couple to Khok Khram station which has the jurisdiction of this case.

At 3.10 a.m. in the morning policemen came out and explained the situation to the crowd and were finally able to take the couple to the right station via the backdoor.

Nong Ton is currently being treated for his serious injuries and wounds at Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital.


Top: Composite photo shows Mallika and Barami, left, and the boy’s father and other woman at the police station, right. Photo: Matichon published by Microsoft News


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