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Droves of students join white bow anti-dictatorship campaign

By Komkrit Duangmanee, Sanook.com

STUDENTS at schools across the country joined an anti-dictatorship campaign today (August 17) by sporting a white bow as a symbolic display of resistance against using state power to threaten and deprive people of freedom, Sanook.com said.

This campaign is also spreading on Twitter under a Thai-language hashtag, #WhiteBowAgainstDictatorship.

Female students posted photos showing many of them with white bows in their hair while male students mostly pinned them on their bags, yet others tied it on their wrist.

Students at many schools also gave the three-finger salute when lining up for the 8 a.m. morning assembly to sing the national anthem.

However some social media posts claim that many students participating in this campaign were threatened by teachers and school administrators, for example being called to meet administrative teachers.

Meanwhile the Associate Students of Thailand posted a message on its Facebook page that any student threatened for giving the three-finger salute or wearing the campaign’s white bow should report it to the administrators of this association.


The new campaign’s white bow. Thai headline says, “white bow resists dictatorship.” Photo: Sanook.com

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