PM Prayut slams Egyptians soldiers, apologises to the people

IN LAMBASTING the Egyptian soldiers who stayed in Rayong without bothering about the coronavirus quarantine Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said they did not respect the rules, lacked discipline and ignored common good but in the end the responsibility for this incident lay with him as head of Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), reported this afternoon (July 13, 2020).

Speaking after the Cabinet meeting Gen.Prayut said this incident is something that should not have occurred and an in-depth examination of the case is underway with this including a check of entries and exits and additional tests for the peace of mind of everyone.

CCSA has been ordered to revise all relaxation measures with embassies and diplomats too having to follow them. While all aircraft, including military ones, must strictly abide by the regulations all flights to Thailand have been halted until the problem is solved.

“Please trust our public health system which should be able to handle the situation. But this should not have happened and is something I regret and apologize to the Thai people,” he said.

Gen. Prayut added that this incident is a violation of regulations and the Foreign Ministry is currently holding talks with the embassy.

What worries the Prime Minister is that a lot of people and various establishments are now less vigilant against this infection. For this reason he has tightened the supervision of pubs, bars and other night venues. Those that do not immediately make the needed correction would be closed.

Asked if the Egyptian soldier case would lead to a new lockdown, Gen. Prayut said there would not be a complete lockdown but strong measures would be implemented in problem spots.

He added that Thailand must not rashly open the door to tourists as this could lead to problems arising again.

When asked whether the Egyptian military group would be blacklisted, the Prime Minister said not up to that point and this issue is also not linked to the consideration of extension of emergency decree.


Top: Prime Minister Prayut addressing the Press. Thai headline says, “Prime Minister says sorry.” Photo:

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