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Security beefed up to keep Cambodian trespassers out

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

ARMY AND BORDER PATROL police units have stepped up security measures to keep out suspected trespassers in Thai territory along natural Thai-Cambodian borderlines for fear they might possibly spread the COVID-19.

The army’s Burapa Task Force and border patrol police units in the districts of Ta Phraya, Khok Soong and Aranyaprathet in Sa Kaeo province have stepped up security measures along the shared natural borderlines, following arrests of a number of Cambodians for illegal entry into Thai territory over the last few months.

Barbed wires, alarm signals and spotlights have been set up along the natural borderlines, especially those far from villages and communities, to help the authorities keep out any Cambodian trespassers.

Burapa Task Force commander Maj Gen Tharaphong Malakham on Sunday inspected some of the reinforced spots on the Thai side of the border.

Many Cambodian nationals who had earlier returned home across the shared border were feared to be trying to come back to Thailand which has taken lockdown measures against the pandemic and temporarily closed all border checkpoints.


Top:The Thai-Cambodian border crossing at  Aranyaprathet, Sa Kaeo province, before coronavirus pandemic led to this border shutting down. Photo: Stanislav Baranov (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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