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Gay suspects arrested in park poisoning case

NINE homosexual suspects were arrested late last night (June 10) in Nonthaburi on suspicion of having drugged two men jogging in the City Hall park last month, Sanook.com reported this morning.

At 11 p.m. Pol Lt Gen Amphol Buarubphorn, commander of Region 1 Police and Nonthaburi Governor Suchin Chaichumsak launched the “Yellow Sky” operation with other senior officers and officials and 150 investigators and commandos involved.

The operation was kicked off after two male joggers were poisoned at the same park last month with animal tranquiliser Xylanine being mixed into their drinking water after they left the bottles unattended while exercising.

The first victim is a 43-year-old man who got poisoned at 8.15 p.m. on June 15 and the second victim is Mr Viroj Silabaht, 42, who likewise got poisoned on June 19. Both felt giddy with their body and tongue becoming numb after drinking the water from their bottles they had brought along.

This operation is now being accelerated because police detectives have found out that a group of homosexuals are using this park for sexual activities. They have set up a hashtagged group and were posting pornographic photos and video clips on social media.

A dragnet at the park led to the nine suspects being arrested. All nine men were questioned, their record made, DNA sample collected and their bags, belongings and vehicles searched. Some had condoms and lubricant gels with them and pornographic material in their mobile phones.

Pol Lt Gen Amphol said tough action was taken because this type of drugging case has never occurred before in Nonthaburi. After police found out about homosexual activities in the park , suspicions arose that the two victims were targeted or wanted by men in this group.

However while police did not rule out any angle of investigation, the operation netted these nine suspects who did behave in a suspicious manner and many things were found on them and their vehicles that strengthened the case against them.

The questioning of nine suspects could lead to more information emerging while the two victims too will be questioned again to find out the exact timeline, he added

Meanwhile Nonthaburi Governor Suchin said after the drugging of the joggers he has ordered the municipality to increase patrols of this and all other parks in this province. A move is being made to increase lighting and CCTV cameras for the safety of the public.


Top: The homosexual suspects who were rounded up being questioned by the police. Thai headline says, “Yellow Sky operation.” Photo: Sanook.com

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