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Dead son gets summons for bounced cheque case

A WOMAN living in northeastern Buriram province got the shock of her life when an official letter she opened last week turned out to be a police summons for her dead son to go acknowledge bounced cheque charges, Naewna newspaper reported this morning (June 8, 2020).

Mrs. Sahas Chantha, 53, a general worker who lives in Nang Rong district, called on the Police Department or related agencies to investigate the facts after Mueang Surin police station issued the first summons for her son, Mr. Thawatchai Chantha, who died in 2013, to come and acknowledge bounced cheque charges filed by a private company.

The bewildered woman said she was afraid her son, who had been dead for over seven years now, would become a scapegoat and the family, which had done nothing wrong and was not linked to this case in anyway, might be affected.

She added that her son only studied up to the sixth grade and after that did general work within this same district and probably did not have any knowledge about cheques.

While saying there was probably a mistake in preparing documents, she urged that corrective action be taken quickly because she was afraid her family would be dragged into this case.


Top: Sahas holding a photo of her dead son Thawatchai.

Below: Sahas showing the official summons she received last week. Photos:  Naewna

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