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Chinese, Myanmar and Thai online gamblers nabbed at border town

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A LARGE HORDE OF 180 Chinese, Myanmar and Thai nationals were arrested yesterday (June 17) on charges of gambling online at a newly-built hotel in the Thai-Myanmar border district of Mae Sot, police said.

The police and other authorities raided the hotel in downtown Mae Sot, arrested the 180 suspected gamblers and seized more than 100 computers allegedly used in online betting games.

A Chinese national who bought up the otherwise abandoned hotel only to open an online gambling den was suspected to have relocated his illegal casino from Myawaddy township across the border to Mae Sot following a crackdown by Myanmar authorities.

Several other hotels and houses in Mae Sot might as well accommodate such hidden business mostly run by Chinese nationals, who may have bought or rented them at low prices.

A number of hotels in the tourist town on the Thai side of the border have been temporarily closed due to the pandemic, prompting casino runners to turn them into gambling dens.


Top: Downtown Mae Sot where many temporarily closed hotels have likely been turned into gambling dens. Photo:  Mikhail Esteves (CC BY 2.0)

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