Strict restrictions as malls reopen after easing of lockdown

SHOPPING Malls reopened today (17.5.2020) after the second phase easing of the coronavirus lockdown kicked in with strict screening and control measures enforced as was seen at Central Plaza Ladphrao where only 10 people were allowed in at one time, INN News reported.

Customers started flocking to this huge mall even before it opened and could only go in after registering by either one of the two ways, with those having a smart phone told to scan the QR code to check in and check out at www.ไทยชนะ.com

Those who without smart phones had to write down their particulars, most importantly their phone number, when entering or leaving the complex.

The rules here include allowing one person for every five metres of space, temperature check, wearing face mask throughout, walking across a carpet to kill germs and using hand sanitizer. Staff held up signs saying that shoppers had to stand two steps apart on the escalator and follow the laid out tracks.

Siam Piwat Company, operator of Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam  Discovery, also reopened after the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown and the atmosphere here was lively.

The management has imposed tough measures and even brought in health and security robots to help control the situation. These robots sound a warning if anyone is found not wearing a face mask.

Registration was done by the QR code via Thai Chana platform, social distance had to be maintained and disinfectant sprayed below legs and feet level.

Meanwhile Mr Amorn Amornkul, manager of building resources of The Mall Group Co. Ltd, said their stores have reopened with a hundred highest safety measures, covering all aspects, put in place.

These consist of five main measures, 34 subordinate measures and six supplementary measures plus another 66 supplementary measures for five business groups.

This is to ensure that shoppers have a peace of mind and also to comply with the new normal while creating a touchless shopping experience.

The five main steps enforced here are as follows:

  1. Strict screening of customers who have to wear face masks and their temperature is taken. They have to check in and out according the Thai Chana measures. They can see the density of the store and the shops plus rate the shops when checking out.
  2. Create a contactless society; there are staff operating lifts and a system in place for contactless payments through bank and various other apps.
  3. There is a people counting meter in place and shoppers are limited to one person for every five square metres of space with social distance not less 1-1.5 metres and staying two steps apart on the escalator.
  4. Disinfectant sprayed and common contact points cleaned every 30 minutes with a ventilation system installed and employees required to wear face masks and shields.
  5. Health record of all employees maintained and followed up if necessary.

Ms Kwang, 29, one of the shoppers, said the reason she came to the store today, the first day of the reopening, was because she had a mobile phone errand to run as she had not been out her house for a month and was feeling quite uncomfortable. She had brought children along and felt reassured after seeing the strict measures in place.


Shoppers at various malls that reopened today. Photos: INN News


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