Doctor tapes mask to his face before hair cut

WITH barber shops and beauty salons now open for limited service, many are making appointments for the ever so important hair cut to be properly groomed but while availing themselves of this indispensable service they are nevertheless still fearful of catching the deadly coronanvirus.

It was in this state of mind that Dr Manoon Leechawengwongs, a respiratory specialist at Vichaiyut Hospital, found a way to better protect himself and make things easier for the barber too by cutting the ear loops from his mask and after covering his nose and mouth with the remaining piece, firmly taping it in place on all four sides, reported today (9.5.2020).

The doctor said in his Facebook post that he used micropore paper tape to attach the nose and mouth piece to his face in order to prevent both himself spreading germs and getting them from the others.

Dr Manoon added that the barber shop he visited followed all the required steps including checking the temperature of clients and workers before they enter the shop, no one allowed to sit and wait for their turn with appointment having to be made in advance, barber chairs set at least 1.5 metres apart, and the furniture and equipment used by many people which aside from barber chairs include shampoo beds, combs,scissors and covers all well cleaned.

The operator and the workers in the shop wore face masks and face shields all the time and while working they were not allowed to eat because they had to keep them on.


Dr Manoon shared photos of himself with the mask taped on to his his face. Thai headline says, “This is the safest way.” Photos published by


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