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Security beefed up for Apec with Putin participating

  THAI military and police are now fully ready to maintain tight security during the 29th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit being held in Bangkok during November 16-19, 2022 with Russian President Vladimir Putin being among the leaders confirming participation, Matichon newspaper said this afternoon (Oct. 11). However Chinese President Xi Jinping has still to

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Kremlin insiders alarmed over growing toll of Putin’s war in Ukraine

  By Bloomberg, published by The Straits Times Moscow- Almost eight weeks after Mr. Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine, with military losses mounting and Russia facing unprecedented international isolation, a small but growing number of senior Kremlin insiders are quietly questioning his decision to go to war. The ranks of the critics at the

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Russia on the brink of revolution

Vladimir Putin’s grip on power could be failing, with Russia on the brink of revolution as protesters clash with riot police in the streets. Corruption. Control. Incompetence. Russia’s people have had enough. And a poisoning survivor is riding this wave of resentment in open defiance of Vladimir Putin’s draconian rule. The triumphant return of opposition

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