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3 agencies shunt blame after woman breaks leg in skywalk drain pipe fall


AFTER a young woman fell into a drain pipe at the BTS Victory Monument station skywalk breaking one leg and fracturing the other the BTS management and two district offices denied being responsible for the area where the accident occurred, Amarin TV said today (Jan. 28).

Facebook user Priyapath Doungmak wrote about this perplexing situation after sister fell into the drain pipe at 5 p.m. yesterday causing her right leg to break and her left leg fracture.

As she waited for her sister to undergo surgery at Phayathai 2 Hospital last night, neither a government agency nor the BTS management had contacted them to ask about her condition.

Today she contacted three offices and got the following reply:

1) BTS management said this area is not under their responsibility;

2) Phayathai district office said this area comes under the jurisdiction of Ratchathewi district office;

3) Ratchathewi district office said this area is the responsibility of BTS.


The young woman after falling into a drain pipe and getting treatment in the hospital. Photos: Facebook Priyapath Doungmak


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