Thammasat field hospital: healthcare system has collapsed


IN A DISCONCERTING post Thammasat field hospital said that the Thai healthcare system has now collapsed to go by seriously ill patients not getting admitted for treatment despite calling several hospitals and then dying in their home and on the street, Amarin TV said this morning (July 23).

While this Facebook post was published yesterday when the daily Covid count was 13,655 cases and 87 deaths, it climbed higher this morning with the Public Health Ministry saying today’s tally is 14,575 cases and 114 more deaths.

Of the new batch of cases, 13,503 were among the general public and 1,072 in prisons and detention centres.

This takes the cumulative confirmed total since the start of the pandemic to 467,707 and in the current wave that began in April 438,844.

The additional 114 fatalities raised the death toll to 3,811 while another 7,775 patients were cured with 143,744 still undergoing treatment.

The Thammasat field hospital’s post added that yesterday was not a bright morning similar to the past few days where there have been record-breaking Covid tallies. 

Moreover seven more hospital personnel had got infected, a doctor, three nurses and three other staff members. This meant a number of ward staff would have to be quarantined and this may affect patients in the ward they are taking care of.

This field hospital also swab-tested 251 suspected cases yesterday morning and found that 37 had been infected. Yet they would have to queue up at the door for treatment behind 51 others still waiting from the previous day.

Not added in this total are requests to send critically ill patients for treatment here from other places and university personnel and students who had tested positive elsewhere and are requesting treatment here.

The Thammasat field hospital’s post raised the question as to how one knows the hospital and healthcare systems are down? The answer is simple: if a seriously ill patient contacts many hospitals but is not admitted and if this happens to a large number of patients it means that our system is unable to support and care for those who are severely ill leading to their dying at home or on the road.

This occurred despite having requested help from various channels for a long time. This then is the condition of a hospital system that can no longer work with the healthcare system having in fact collapsed, the post said.


Medical staff at Thammasat field hospital. Photos: Amarin TV

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