Tiny province boosting and safeguarding a marian plum genus

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

AN EXTENSIVE FARMING of a certain genus of marian plum is currently underway in Nakhon Nayok with intent of its fruit becoming an indigenous cash crop of the tiny Central Plains province.

More than 100 farmers in Banna district, Pak Phlee district and the capital district of Nakhon Nayok are being persuaded to grow the so-called Wan Thong Pramoon Phrommanee genus of marian plum to the extent it eventually generate a quantitative volume of fruit for sales.

Nakhon Nayok’s marian plum is currently in the process of being registered as an indigenous plant genus from which the farmers can cultivate and extend their marian plum plantations, according to farmer Boonsong Niamhom.

Remarkably, Nakhon Nayok’s farmers have strongly intended for their indigenous marian plum genus to never be ”stolen” or ”imitated” by those in any other parts of the country if the sought-after legal protection of their registered plant genus is finally endorsed by the Department of Agriculture.

Boonsong hoped the number of fellow farmers in his home province who may be fairly interested in growing the indigenous marian plum will keep increasing by hundreds, if not thousands, in foreseeable future.

Though the sweet-and-sour marian plum has been more or less known as an original fruit of the province, many local farmers have yet tended to growing other plants apart from rice farms, he commented.

They may have been concerned over sales profits of the fruit which is currently selling for an average of 80-90 baht a kilogramme despite its unquantitative volume each harvest season.

Top: Delicious marian plums in a basket. Photo: TAT

Home Page: Marian plums growing on a tree. Photo: Thai Rath


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