The large drug haul police seized last night. Photo: Naewna

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Three nabbed in big drug bust near Thai-Lao border

Three suspects were arrested while transporting almost 9 million methamphetamine pills and 50 kilogrammes of Ketamine powder from the Thai-Lao border in Chiang Rai further inland.


Red shirts gather downtown Bangkok to mark crackdown in 2010

Red shirts rallied at Ratchaprasong intersection to mark the violent suppression of their protests in 2010 that left scores dead and over 2,000 injured with a key leader to give a speech about the Bangkok governor election.


Russell Crowe wants Bangkok governor candidates to answer 3 questions

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The Bangkok governor election race took an interesting turn with Hollywood megastar Russell Crowe raising three questions for the candidates to answer at today’s TV Channel 7 debate.


Russia’s laser weapon claim derided as propaganda


While Russia claimed that it is using a new generation of laser weapons in Ukraine, US said it has not seen this type of weapons used in the battlefield while Ukraine mocked it as propaganda.


MPs push for legalization of online gaming, casinos, underground lotteries

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Pro-government MPs moved to amend the Gambling Act so as to bring immense sums of money to the state coffers that could then be used to reduce public debt. 


Nightlife business operators lobby PM for reopening on June 1

Eight nightlife associations have petitioned Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to allow the reopening of their establishments in 26 tourism provinces on June 1 and nationwide on July 1.


Loud complaints about Bangkok floods with garbage being blamed

Bangkok resonated with complaints about the flooding that began last evening and continued till today (May 18) with officials saying garbage stuck on drain grates obstructed drainage.


Putin takes Mariupol, but wider Donbas victory slipping from reach: Analysts

By Reuters and published by ChannelNews Asia

Even though Russia is taking full control of Mariupol, analysts doubt its dramatically weakened invasion force will be able to conquer all of Ukraine’s eastern Donbas.


Young Australian man falls to death from Phuket hotel

A young Australian man holidaying in Phuket with a group of friends plunged to his death from his hotel room at Patong beach.


20m baht damage at flooded Korat pottery market 

Korat’s famed pottery market was heavily flooded after torrential rain last night with the damage of pottery and ceramic objects amounting to 20 million baht.


Heavy rush-hour rain triggers traffic snarl-ups in Bangkok

Evening rush-hour rain brought misery to Bangkok with this compounded by today being the first day of the new school year. Weathermen warned of more rain tomorrow.


Abhisit backs calls to end senators’ role in picking post-election PM

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Former premier Abhisit Vejjajiva today (May 17) joined forces with pro-democracy groups in trying to stop unelected senators from having a role in voting for head of a post-election government.


Mariupol fighters in Russian hands; both sides claim wins

By AP, published US News & World Report, plus BBC

More than 260 fighters – some badly wounded – left the steel plant in Mariupol and were taken to Russian-controlled territory with both sides claiming a victory but of different kinds.


Bangkok’s daily Covid tally drops below 1,000, Phasi Charoen worst hit

Both national and Bangkok’s Covid tallies dropped again today (May 17) with the former totalling 3,893 cases and the latter 865 while Phasi Charoen district was the worst hit in the capital.


Analysis: Chadchart, Wiroj remain top favourites for Bangkok governor

By Out-Crowd

With Bangkok gubernatorial election taking place on Sunday, two candidates, Chadchart Sittipunt and Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, appear to be far ahead in the race.


Daily Covid cases in Bangkok drop below 2,000

With the nationwide Covid count staying low at 5,238 cases and 40 deaths today (May 16) Bangkok too made an improvement logging 1,750 cases over the past 24 hours. 


Missing German woman found by a creek in national park

The elderly German woman missing for a week in Phuket was found today (May 16) lying by a creek in a national park forest and has now been taken to hospital for medical treatment.


Putin lobs cryptic new threats at Finland, Sweden for Joining Nato

By US News & World Report and published by MSN News

While Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Sweden and Finland joining Nato was not a direct threat he warned that Moscow would respond if western military equipment were brought in.


Myanmar-Karenni troops clash near Thai border

Clashes taking place between Myanmar and Karenni troops just across the border from Thailand’s Mae Hong Son province spread fear among people in the area.


Helicopter, boat join hunt for German woman missing in Phuket

An army helicopter and a national park boat joined the search for an elderly German woman who showed Alzheimer’s symptoms and has been missing in Phuket since May 9.


Burning munitions cascade down on Ukrainian steel plant – video

By Reuters and published by
A shower of white, brightly-burning munitions cascaded down on the Azovstal steel works in Ukraine and experts said it could be either an attack with phosphorus or incendiary weapons.


Double trouble for sedan hit by uninsured police bus 

A Bangkok sedan driver was asked by the police travelling in an uninsured bus that hit it while turning whether he would agree to be hit again by an insured white van so as to get insurance payment.


Ratchaburi’s by-election campaign refreshed by Democrat leader’s visit

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Democrat leader Jurin Laksanavisit visited Ratchaburi province today (May 14) to boost the party candidate’s campaign in the upcoming by-election who is seen to be the front-runner in the race.


Biden names envoy to Asean, stressing US attention

By AP and published by US News & World Report

US President Joe Biden named an ambassador to Asean, with the superpower currently represented by a chargé d’affaires, to underscore greater focus on Asia and checking China’s rapid rise.


Australian woman dies after plunging off cliff at Koh Samui waterfall

A young Australian woman who climbed high up a Koh Samui waterfall with two male friends fell off the cliff and later died this afternoon (May 14).


Elderly German tourist missing in Phuket for 6 days

A big search is underway in Phuket for an elderly German woman who disappeared from her hotel six days ago and is said to have displayed Alzheimer’s symptoms.


Revival of Full Moon Party attracts thousands of tourists

Tourists are flocking to Koh Phangan for the revival of Full Moon Party on Monday May 16 now that daily Covid cases have started to drop.


Chinese embassy critical of Lazada over promotional video clip

The Chinese embassy’s Facebook page posted a comment saying Lazada’s promotional video clip criticised for negatively referring to the monarchy is unacceptable.


Biden looks to nudge Asean leaders to speak out on Russia

By AP and published by US News & World Report

US President Joe Biden will be nudging Asean leaders to speak out on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the two-day summit taking place in Washington. 


Bullet mix-up leads to student killing instructor at shooting range

A shooting instructor was shot dead by a female student who had picked up a live bullet lying on the ground and loaded it into her firearm then later when firing at a target hit him.


Covid tally with ATK cases reaches over 15,000

Although the daily Covid tally reached 8,019 this morning (May 12), it climbs to 15,959 if 7,940 ATK cases are added with a professor warning that Thailand continues to remain among top 10 worst-hit countries globally.


Man buys 250 lottery tickets from disabled vendor 

A benevolent man who bought all 250 lottery tickets a disabled vendor was selling for 30,000 baht posted a video clip of him giving a helping hand to encourage others to fight on.


Russia threatens to retaliate as Finland seeks Nato membership ‘without delay’

By Reuters, published by

Russia has issued a warning against Finland joining Nato after the country said it would be applying for  membership without delay with Sweden likely to follow suit.


Traffic misery at Asoke-Phetchaburi intersection after bad accident

Motorists were caught in horrendous traffic jams at Asoke-Phetchaburi intersection after a truck dropped steel beams at the bridge across Saen Saeb canal leading to three lanes being closed.


Prawit threatened with Palang Pracharath Party-dissolving lawsuit

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Pheu Thai Party’s deputy leader Yutthapong Charatsathian threatened to sue Palang Pracharath Party leader Prawit Wongsuwan and get his party dissolved for stopping Thammanat Prompao from meeting him.


Ukraine diverts some Russian gas flows, claims battlefield gains

By Reuters, published by Channel NewsAsia, plus CNN

Ukraine shut down a pipeline that carries Russian natural gas to Western Europe while Ukrainian troops recaptured four settlements north of Kharkiv.


Minister says he has no authority to shut Lazada, case going to court

Digital Economy and Society Minister Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn said his ministry does not have the authority to shut Lazada but is helping police gather evidence to take the matter to the court.


Prawit persuades Thammanat to skip holding talks with Pheu Thai MPs

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Palang Pracharath Party leader Prawit Wongsuwan has persuaded his protege Thammanat Prompao to not hold talks with the opposition Pheu Thai Party MPs amid rumours of an anti-government conspiracy.


Rally held in front of US embassy to draw attention to Thai political prisoners

At a rally held in front of the US embassy today (May 10) activists urged US President Joe Biden and Asean leaders to also focus on Thai political prisoners at their talks this week.


Musk says he would reverse Twitter’s ban of Donald Trump

By AP and published by

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, said if his bid to buy Twitter is successful he will reverse Donald Trump’s ban from the platform.


Handicapped woman bitten to death by dog

A woman who suffered from muscle weakness was bitten to death by one of two Thai Ridgeback dogs raised by her brother at their house in Phuket this morning (May 10).


Public told not to panic over 3 new Omicron subvariants

The Public Health Ministry urged the public not to panic over three new sublineages of Omicron as currently only one person has been infected with BA.5 subvariant with two others infected with BA.2.12.1 having recovered.


Army boycotts Lazada over promotional video clip

Army Chief  Gen. Narongphan Jitkaewthae today (May 9) ordered all army units to stop buying products from Lazada platform but while soldiers were still allowed to do so they had to go outside the compound to collect the goods.


Putin’s military officers refusing to obey orders in Ukraine: US official

By Jon Jackson, Newsweek, and published by MSN News

Reports have emerged that even Russian military officers have been disobeying orders in Ukraine amid low morale among the troops.


Teenage boy dies while playing with dad’s rifle

A 14-year-old boy who was playing with a muzzle-loading rifle with his younger brother died when it slipped and fell to the floor triggering a bullet that hit him in the neck.


‘Depose Prayut, promote Prawit’ conspiracy involves Pheu Thai and Thai Economic parties: Saranwut

Thai politics appears to be taking a new turn with Pheu Thai and Thai Economic parties apparently involved in the ‘Depose Prayut, promote Prawit’ conspiracy, the head of another party said.


Activists call for release of Section 112 detainees

For the second day in a row photos of lese majeste detainees popped up in different parts of Bangkok with activists calling for their release on bail.


Tropical cyclone Asani not hitting Thailand but strengthening winds nationwide

Tropical cyclone Asani that is raging in the Bay of Bengal will not be hitting Thailand directly but will lead to stronger winds nationwide with the South to be hit with continuous rainfall.


Sixty feared dead in Ukraine school bombed by Russia, governor says

By Reuters, published by, plus CNN

Sixty people sheltering in a Ukrainian school were killed after it was hit by a Russian bomb while US First Lady Jill Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made surprise visits.


Restaurant’s rule for musicians underscores their struggle for survival

Musicians continue to struggle as seen by a restaurant’s notice that half the band’s tips will be deducted if this reaches over 1,500 baht and their fee not being paid if the total climbs over 3,000 baht.


New cyclone forming in Bay of Bengal to bring more rain nationwide

Thai and Indian weathermen warned that a low-pressure cell in the lower Bay of Bengal is intensifying into a cyclone with this to bring more rain across Thailand and isolated heavy showers.


Corrections Department shuts its Lazada shop

The Corrections Department shut its Wansuk shop at Lazada platform for improvement after royalists criticised its promotional video clip for referring to the monarchy.


Ukraine says all women and children now evacuated from Mariupol steel mill

By Reuters and published by Channel NewsAsia

All women and children have been evacuated from the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol with Russian forces trying again to storm Ukraine’s last holdout in the port city.


Royalists rally at Lazada office over promotional video clip

Royalists rallied at Lazada’s office to demand a more serious apology over a promotional video clip criticised for referring to the monarchy not being satisfied with the apology issued earlier.


Expert warns of impact of Long Covid as daily Covid count dips

Although the daily Covid tally dropped to 7,705 cases and 62 deaths this morning (May 6) an expert warned people to continue being careful as Long Covid is real and affects the quality of life.


Dad kills drug-crazed son in self-defence

A Thai man shot dead his drug-crazed son in self defence after the latter chased him with a long steel scraper through their house in Nakhon Phanom province this morning (May 6).


Putin to send ‘doomsday’ warning to West at Russia’s WW2 victory parade

By Reuters, published by MSN News, plus BBC

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be sending a “doomsday” warning to the West at Monday’s Victory Day parade while Ukraine invited German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to visit Kyiv that same day.


Feature: Often-used Thai words in today’s political jargon

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Interesting political jargon currently floats in the Thai political arena ranging from “cobras” meaning traitors to “bananas” or kickbacks and “Si Gumarn” or four infants.


Govt will not ask for court ruling on Prayut’s 8-year tenure: Wissanu

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The government will not be asking the Constitutional Court to rule on when Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s eight years in power ends but the opposition will likely do so.


Police crackdown on gangs sending victims to ‘hell fishing boats’

Senior police officers mounted raids in three provinces to net members of human trafficking gangs sending victims to “hell fishing boats” where they work in slave-like conditions and forced to take drugs.


Traders shocked by lighting closure of Chiang Mai shopping mall

Chiang Mai residents were saddened at the sudden closure of Promenada Resort Mall today (May 5) due to inability to cope with financial woes brought on by the Covid pandemic.


Suvarnabhumi Airport intruder faces heavy punishment

An armed drugged motorcyclist who was quickly captured after trespassing Suvarnabhumi airport’s restricted zone now faces heavy punishment with the maximum being death penalty. 


French chef kills foreigner, Asian woman in fight at sausage shop

A French chef shot dead a foreign man and an Asian woman at his sausage shop in Sukhumvit soi 49 while also getting injured.


THAI resumes flights to Bali, to fly daily from mid-June

Thai Airways International resumed flying to the popular Indonesian holiday island Bali on May 1 and with good feedback will start doing so everyday from June 18 onwards.


Prayut shrugs off hearsay over PM-changing conspiracy

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha poured cold water on rumours of a plot to change the head of government when the next censure debate takes place and alleged 30 million baht payoff.


Experts certain boy was bitten by a shark at Phuket’s Kamala beach

Phuket experts confirmed it was a shark that bit the young Thai-Ukrainian boy while swimming at Kamala beach yesterday (May 1) with warning signs now being put up.


Battle for parking spot at ministry goes viral

A fight for a parking spot at the Education Ministry between an office director and another official went viral on Thai social media today (May 3).


Prinn vows to fight cases, looking to countersue for defamation 

Former Democrat Party deputy leader Prinn Panichphakdi is moving to file defamation charges against all complainants in the sexual misconduct cases he is facing.


Ministry: Bangkok close to reaching Endemic Sandbox phase

Bangkok is among the provinces where the Covid outbreak has improved and it is now close to reaching the Endemic Sandbox phase where greater relaxation kicks in.


Silpakorn varsity president persuaded to resign over air hostess photos

Silpakorn University’s president who was blasted for sharing photos of air hostesses online resigned today (May 2) after being persuaded to step down before a meeting took place.


First civilians leave Mariupol steel plant, but hundreds remain

By AP and published by The Philadelphia Inquirer

The first group of civilians evacuated from the Mariupol steel plant arrived in Ukrainian-held territory on Monday (May 2) but around a thousand still remain there with estimated 2,000 Ukrainian fighters


Teenage girl electrocuted while using plugged-in mobile phone

A 13-year-old girl was fatally electrocuted while chatting with her friends on her mobile phone as it charged at her home in Mueang Rayong last night.


Suvarnabhumi lively on the first day of cancellation of Test & Go scheme

Suvarnabhumi Airport was again filled with a large number of tourists today (May 1) the first day the Test & Go system was lifted with the adequate entry procedures swiftly channelling arrivals.


Minister: Daily minimum wage will be hiked, but not to 492 baht

After labour unions submitted a demand to increase the daily minimum wage to 492 baht, Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin said there will be a hike but not that high.


Defecting online: How Myanmar’s soldiers are deserting the army

By Reha Kansara, BBC

A large number of Myanmar’s soldiers are now deserting the army and it is an underground network using Facebook and Telegram accounts that is helping them do so.


Analysis: Conspiracy hatched to turn kingmaker into PM 

By Out-Crowd

With Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on slippery ground as he faces a new censure debate, many are viewing Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan as a “reserve” premier even though he has often said he is happy being a kingmaker.


Man dies after getting entangled in dangling cable 

A man who fractured his skull after falling off his motorcycle upon getting entangled in a dangling cable last Thursday has died and police are gearing up to file charges against the company that installed this line.


Thailand ranked the 8th safest travel destination in survey of Americans

A survey of American travellers by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection has ranked Thailand as the 8th safest travel destination in the world, a big jump from the 20th place logged in 2018.


Russia expects trade with China to reach $200 billion by 2024 – report

By Reuters and published by Channel NewsAsia

While being rocked by Western sanctions Russia is moving to expand trade with China and expects this to reach $200 billion by 2024. 


220kg Ice found in overturned cabbage pickup truck

Police seized 220 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) from a pickup truck loaded with cabbage after it flipped over in Surat Thani last night (Apr. 28) and are now chasing the driver and his accomplice.


Navy admits instructor forced officers to swallow semen

A Royal Thai Navy spokesman admitted that an instructor did force newly-stationed officers to swallow semen mixed with fish sauce with the incident now being investigated.


THAI Dreamliner’s tyre burst while landing at Indian airport

A THAI Dreamliner with 150 passengers and crew on board landed safely at Bengaluru airport in India despite a tyre having burst upon touching down.


Ukraine says Russia taking ‘colossal losses’ in eastern battle

By Reuters, published by the Straits Times, plus The Daily Mail

Even as Ukraine admitted suffering serious losses in the battle in the east, it said Russia’s losses were colossal with Britain agreeing that Russia’s limited territorial gains had been achieved at a significant cost.


Former activist group guard leader gets 6 years in jail in lese majeste case

The former leader of People’s Party (or Rasadorn Group) guards was today (Apr. 28) sentenced to six years in jail on lese majeste charges but has applied for bail pending appeal.


Police apologise for using foreign images to illustrate Tangmo Nida’s wound

Police apologised after it was discovered that images of Tangmo Nida’s thigh wound were in fact of a wound suffered by a British woman but pointed out they could not legally publish images of the real wound.


Biden wants $33B more to help Ukraine battle Russia

By AP and published by Star Tribune

US President Joe Biden asked Congress to authorise US$33 billion in new funding to support Ukraine, including US$20 billion in military assistance for Kyiv and for shoring up defences in nearby countries.


Feature: From banana politics to banana plantation

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Not amused with vote-buying “bananas” is a former MP who runs a real banana plantation in Ratchaburi province and who could possibly contest the next race to parliament.


Phuket panel approves cancelling all Covid screenings from May 1 

With cases in Phuket having dropped sharply the island’s Covid committee yesterday (Apr. 26) approved cancelling all Covid screenings at all entry channels from May 1.


Another aircraft debris washes up on southern beach prompting MH370 speculation

Just a month after a large aircraft debris washed up on Nakhon Si Thammarat beach another large chuck landed ashore today (Apr. 27) spurring speculation of links to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. 


Silpakorn varsity president gets flak for posting photos of air hostesses

Silpakorn University’s president apologised after a photo he took of an air hostess and accompanying message triggered strong criticism on social media.


Censure debate/no-confidence vote against Prayut delayed until early July

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The opposition bloc has now decided to put off the censure debate and no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to get key organic laws enacted.


Putin gets what he didn’t want: Ukraine army closer to West

By AP, and published by US New & World Report

A key change taking place in Ukraine is that its army is now getting closer to the West as western weapons flow in, which is exactly what Russian President Vladimir Putin does not want.


Prinn bailed out in new sexual misconduct case filed in Petchaburi

Former Democrat Party deputy leader Prinn Panichphakdi was granted bail in a new sexual misconduct case filed in Petchaburi province and again denied all the accusations.


Six suspects in Tangmo Nida case bailed out, meeting prosecutors again tomorrow

Police filed charges against drowned actress Tango Nida’s five friends and their consultant with public prosecutors today (Apr. 26) however they have all been bailed out.


Palang Pracharath’s decision to skip by-election shows House dissolution likely looming

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

That Palang Pracharath Party decided to not contest a by-election in Ratchaburi next month is likely because it expects a general election to be called a lot sooner.


Speeding cop who killed doctor dismissed after being sentenced

The policeman who hit a woman doctor while speeding down the road on a big bike leading to her death was dismissed after being sentenced to one year and 15 days in jail and fined 4,000 baht.


Creperie rides on rapper Milli’s fame and introduces mango and sticky rice special

After rapper Milli’s smash-hit mango and sticky rice performance in the US led to sales of this dessert skyrocketing, an innovative creperie in Uthai Thani has introduced a crepe topped with the much-in-demand treat.


Temple altering two guardian giants amid a wave of criticism

A Korat temple is now altering statues of two guardian giants with the watches one of them is wearing being turned into bracelets and submarine the other is holding into a mace after strong criticism.


Thai Liberal woman MP pressed to quit and make room for financier 

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Thai Liberal woman MP accused the party leader of pressuring her to resign so that a partisan financier could move in and take her place.


Man nabbed for selling war weapons to Karens in Myanmar

Mae Hong Son police arrested a man on the charges of buying war weapons from a trader in Bangkok and upon receiving them by parcel post selling them to Karens in Myanmar.


List of private hospitals treating ‘green’ Covid patients

Over a hundred private hospitals nationwide are now treating “green” Covid patients to ease the congestion at state hospitals.


Trailer-truck disappears while driver takes a shower

Residents of Prachin Buri province thanked their lucky stars that no one got injured after a trailer-truck moved a kilometre down the road while the driver took a shower but he insists he pulled the handbrake.


Prominent political activists join Thai Liberal Party

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Two well-known political activists critical of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha have now joined the Thai Liberal Party as heads of its strategic teams.


Jurin firm on not quitting as scandal rocks party

Democrat Party leader Jurin Laksanawisit refused to step down over a sex scandal despite calls for the whole executive committee to quit at today’s (Apr. 23) caucus.


Police station head transferred as corruption probe is launched

A Kanchanaburi police station chief has been transferred and investigation launched into allegations of fraud by the father of a teenager who died in a road accident.


‘Ladyboy’ and friend steal gold necklace from Indian tourist

A transgender accompanied by a woman stole a gold necklace from an Indian tourist in Pattaya the same way another ladyboy had recently made off with a Belgian tourist’s gold chain in Bangkok.


Restaurants allowed to serve alcohol till midnight from May 1

Good news for drinkers as the Covid panel has allowed restaurants to serve alcoholic drinks till midnight from May 1 but pubs, bars and karaoke lounges remain closed.


3 more activists arrested on lese majeste charges

Three more suspects were arrested on lese majeste charges today (Apr. 22) with two of them being teenagers just as they were heading to Cha-am for a holiday.


Moscow aims to capture southern Ukraine: Russian general

By Reuters, published by The Globe and Mail, plus BBC

A Russian general said today (Apr. 22) Moscow wants to seize all of southern and eastern Ukraine while Ukrainian officials pointed out that the Russians have now stopped hiding their goal.


Family files complaint against prison guard for demanding money

A female guard at Thonburi Women Correctional Institution has been suspended and an investigation launched after the daughter of one of the inmates accused her of demanding money from the family several times.


Election Commission to pay compensation to misjudged MP with taxpayers’ money: Wissanu

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The polling agency will be using taxpayers’ money to pay compensatory damage to an ex-Pheu Thai MP who was erroneously accused of buying votes in the previous general election


‘Naked’ protest over revocation of bail for activist

A “naked” protest was held outside the Criminal Court on Ratchadapisek road today (Apr. 21) to press for the release on bail of a pro-democracy activist facing lese majeste charges.


Prawit denies meeting Thaksin in UK

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan today (Apr. 21) denied having flown to the UK to meet former premier Thaksin Shinawatra.


Uttama named leader of Sarng Anakot Thai Party

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

At the helm of the brand-new Sarng Anakot Thai Party is former Palang Pracharath Party leader Uttama Savanayana and it is going to name Somkid Jatusripitak as prime minister.


Korat temple’s guardian giants hold submarine, wear friend’s watches

Attracting a lot of attention are statues of two sleeping guardian giants at a Nakhon Ratchasima temple with one holding a submarine and the other wearing two borrowed watches.


Rush to catch balloon frogs amid the floods in Phayao

People in Phayao province made some money despite the heavy flooding over the past two days as they were busy catching balloon frogs for sale. 


Kremlin insiders alarmed over growing toll of Putin’s war in Ukraine

By Bloomberg, published by The Straits Times

A small but growing number of senior Kremlin insiders have begun to quietly question Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine but they admit he is determined to push on with the fight.


Juti slammed for ignoring sex scandals allegedly surrounding Democrats

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Social Development & Human Security Minister Juti Krairirk was blasted for ignoring alleged sexual misconduct by Democrat Party members by street activist Thanat Thanakitamnuay today (Apr. 19). 


BMA now chasing 608 group to their homes to vaccinate them

With Bangkok logging an average of 5,000 Covid patients a day the city authorities will now be chasing people in the high-risk 608 group to their homes to vaccinate them.


Russia ratchets up battle for control of eastern Ukraine

By AP and published by Denver Post, plus BBC

Russia accelerated its battle for control of Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland on Tuesday (Apr. 19) and if successful will effectively slice the country into two.


Man held for slashing 2 women at downtown shopping mall

A jobless man was quickly arrested after using a cutter to slash two women he was not acquainted with at a downtown shopping mall this afternoon (Apr. 19).


Four rescue volunteers arrested in downtown turf battle

Police have nabbed four out of nine rescue volunteers wanted for engaging in a turf battle downtown Bangkok that left one dead and three injured.


Fierce storm knocks down part of airport’s new building, many roads floods

The violent summer storm that raged in Bangkok since late afternoon today (Apr. 18) demolished the roof and a wall of Don Muang Airport’s new building and led to massive traffic jams on flooded roads.


Seksakol calls it quits amid payoff scandals

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Resigning this evening (Apr. 18) as scandals swirled around alleged lottery payoff  was Seksakol Attawong, an assistant to the Prime Minister’s Office Minister.


White House drops airplane mask mandate for now after judge overturns rule

By AP and The Dallas Morning News

The Biden administration lifted the mask mandate on public transportation after a federal judge on Monday ruled that the directive was unlawful.


Rescue volunteer shot dead in downtown fight with another foundation

Two rescue foundations engaged in a turf battle downtown Bangkok last night with one shot dead and three others injured.


Another Palang Pracharath MP resigns

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Palang Pracharath Party lost another MP with Vichian Chavalit having resigned today (Apr. 18) and it is speculated that he will soon join the brand-new Sarng Anakot Thai Party.


Academic: Yesterday’s Covid death toll third highest in the world

A Thai professor warned that the Covid outbreak in Thailand is still severe with the 128 deaths logged yesterday (Apr. 17) being the third highest in the world.


Prinn released on bail in three cases filed against him

Former Democrat Party deputy leader Prinn Panichphakdi was temporarily released in three cases filed against him today (Apr. 17) and vowed to not flee the country.


Patong’s police ‘tigers’ shunted out over pub opening late

After a lawyer highlighted Patong residents’ complaints against a pub staying open late, a senior police officer from Bangkok today (Apr. 17) transferred the “five tigers” of Patong police station.


Thieves steal 1,200 durians from orchard overnight

Police are chasing a gang of thieves who stole 1,200 durians from an orchard in Trat province with this being worth around 400,000-600,000 baht.


US rocked by 3 mass shootings during Easter weekend

By AP, published by CBC

Three shootings in South Carolina and Pennsylvania left 2 minors dead and dozens injured during the Easter holiday weekend. The 2 minors were killed during a shooting at a house party attended by hundreds of people.


Prinn surrenders to police, denied all allegations

Former Democrat Party deputy leader Prinn Panichphakdi surrendered to police this morning (Apr. 16) and denied all accusations of sexual harassment filed by some women.


Tenant from hell leaves house full of trash, steals fixtures

A woman who suffered heavy damage at the hands of a tenant who left without clearing owed rent, stole her furniture and trashed her property warned other landlords to be more careful.


Academic: Covid stats show control measures are not fully effective

A Chulalongkorn University professor said today’s (Apr. 16) total of 125 Covid deaths is a jump of 13.88 times over the same day in January with this showing Covid control steps are not fully effective.


Russia hits Kyiv and Lviv, presses offensive in ruins of Mariupol

By Reuters, published by Cyprus Mail, plus BBC

Russian jets bombed Lviv while its missiles hit Kyiv and Kharkiv with this new wave of attacks coming after the loss of its Black Sea flagship Moskva.


Wealthy protester’s wife files rape charges against former deputy party leader

The wife of wealthy protester Mr. Thanat Thanakitamnuay who is running in the Bangkok gubernatorial election filed rape charges against a former deputy leader of a political party last evening (Apr. 14).


Gold shop robber arrested in Pattaya, most gold chains recovered

A former soldier who robbed a gold shop in Nakhon Ratchasima was arrested at a Pattaya hotel room last night (Apr. 14)  with most of the gold chains he stole recovered.


Traffic builds up on Asian Highway as Songkran revellers return to Bangkok

Songkran holidaymakers have started heading back to Bangkok with traffic building up on the Asian Highway and the congestion expected to get heavier from tonight till tomorrow morning.


Russia says attacks on Kyiv will increase a day after losing warship

By AP and published by Irish Examiner

Russia is gearing up to increase missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital after its lead warship in the Black Sea sank on Thursday (Apr. 14).


Covid panel tells BMA to sort out water splashing on Khao San road

Covid panel’s operations chief Gen. Suphot Malaniyom moved to halt water splashing on Khao San road with Bangkok administrators and the Interior Ministry told to take action. 


Democrat Party deputy leader denies sexual misconduct allegations, quits party posts

Democrat Party’s deputy leader Prin Panichphakdi denied allegations of sexual misconduct swirling in social media while resigning from all his positions within the party. 


Former soldier wanted for gold shop robbery

An arrest warrant is out for a former soldier on the charges of robbing a gold shop in Nakhon Ratchasima province two days ago and making off with over 4.5 million baht worth of gold chains


Damaged Russian warship is afloat, Pentagon says

By CNN and BBC

Russia’s flagship Black Sea cruiser Moskva, which Ukraine claims was hit by a missile, has been badly damaged but Pentagon said it is still afloat and heading eastwards probably going to a port for repairs.



Activist groups hold Songkran event at Democracy Monument

Activist groups marched to Democracy Monument this afternoon (Apr. 13) where they held a Songkran event to draw attention to their demands.


Hired gun arrested in 2005 attempted murder case

One of Southern region’s top hitmen was arrested today (Apr. 13) on the charges of attempting to murder a fellow student while studying in Bangkok in 2005.


PM orders Phuket governor to stop water splashing in Soi Bangla

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha ordered  Phuket Governor to stop tourists from splashing water and engaging in water fights in Patong’s Soi Bangla today, Songkran Day.


Polish, Baltic presidents visit Ukraine in show of support as Russian troops mount in east

BY AP, published by CNC News, with files from Reuters and CBC News

Polish and three other Baltic presidents were in Ukraine yesterday (Apr. 13) in show of support while US President Joe Biden called Russia’s actions in Ukraine “a genocide” for the first time.


Prayut: Same group hurled ping-pong bombs at army barracks

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said the same group of people were behind the ping-pong bomb attack at the First Infantry Regiment and police are closing in on the suspects.


Prawit has said ‘a hundred times’ he will never become PM: Prayut

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Despite speculation Deputy Prime Minister/Palang Pracharath Party leader Prawit Wongsuwan could be vying for premiership, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is certain he is not interested and continues to support him.


Over 50 infants and young children infected with Covid in Nonthaburi

Nonthaburi province this evening (Apr. 12) revealed that 53 infants and small children have caught Covid out of the daily tally of 943 cases with the national count being 19,982 cases and 101 deaths.


Ukraine checking information that Russia used chemical weapons in Mariupol

By Reuters, published by The Straits Times, plus BBC

Ukraine is checking information that Russia has used chemical weapons in the besieged city of Mariupol while Russian President Vladimir Putin said peace talks are at a dead end.


Thanathorn applying for bail after being hit with lese majeste case

Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit was today (Apr. 11) applying for bail after the Criminal Court accepted a lese majeste lawsuit filed against him.


Police looking for clues over token bomb attack outside First Infantry Regiment

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Police are busy investigating Sunday’s token bomb attack ouside First Infantry Regiment where Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s residence is located.


Rapper held after ping-pong bombs thrown near Prayut’s house in military compound

A rapper was arrested after a motorcycle rider and his companion threw two ping-pong bombs at the military compound housing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s residence but police are as yet uncertain he mounted the attack.


US will supply Ukraine with ‘the weapons it needs’ against Russia

 By Reuters, published by The Straits Times, plus BBC

US will be supplying Ukraine with the weapons needed to defend itself against Russia with these weapons arriving everyday, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said 


PM2.5 dust level soars in Bangkok and many parts of the country

Bangkok and its vicinities as well as other areas of the country are currently suffering from fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution, which poses a public health hazard. 


Gigantic Prawit billboards merely designed as publicity campaign: Chaiwut

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The huge billboards portraying Palang Pracharath Party leader Prawit Wongsuwan wishing people a Happy Songkran are only a publicity campaign, the party explained, while keeping mum on whether he is eyeing the premiership.


Ukraine digs in to fight Russia’s looming eastern offensive

By AP, published by US News & World Report, plus CNN

Ukrainian forces are digging in and Russia’s military is lining up more firepower ahead of an expected showdown in eastern Ukraine with a satellite image showing a 12-km long military convoy moving in.


Red shirts, politicians mark 12th anniversary of April 10, 2010 event 

Red-shirt followers, politicians and new generation activist groups gathered at the October 14 Memorial to mark the violent crackdown on April 10, 2010 that left scores dead.


Hospitals told to brace for jump in Covid patients after Songkran

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul told hospitals nationwide to get ready for an increase in Covid patients after Songkran while also gearing up to treat those getting injured in accidents and suffering other illnesses.


Prawit puts up highway billboards wishing travellers Happy Thai New Year 

Songkran travellers to the Northeast and South came across highway billboards conveying Palang Pracharath Party leader Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan’s greeting, with this indicating that his party is gearing up for election battles.


Ukraine faces ‘hard battle’ in eastern regions, Zelensky says

Ukraine is ready for a tough battle in the east of the country, President Volodymyr Zelensky said during talks with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Kiev.


Former prosecutor’s son denies beating up wife

A former prosecutor’s son who was filmed beating up his wife, who then got an MP to help her report him to police, has surrendered but denies doing so.


Prayut told to keep scandal-hit senior official out of active duty 

Academics warned Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to shunt out a senior official alleged to have demanded a kickback or else his reputation too could be tarnished.


Covid panel has not yet scrapped PCR test for travellers 

While the CCSA executive panel approved in principle the easing of entry procedures, including cancelling the RT-PCR test, final decision was put off till next month to see how the country fares during Songkran festival


EU adopts new sanctions against Russia as 50 die in station attack

By Reuters, published by US News & World Report and Cyprus Mail

The EU adopted new sanctions against Russia including a coal import ban after 50 people died when a missile hit a train station in eastern Ukraine.


Thai-Australian joint action nets Ice hidden in old printer

A joint investigation by Thai and Australian police led to the arrest of a Thai woman who was getting ready to parcel 989 grammes of Ice hidden in an old printer to Australia.


Pareena deprived of MP status, banned for life from politics

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Palang Pracharath MP Pareena Kraikupt lost her MP status and was banned from politics for life after the Supreme Court found her guilty of encroaching upon a forest reserve.


Prayut on shaky ground over Seksakol’s alleged payoff bid

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The head of the House panel probing Seksakol Atthawong over alleged lottery payoff said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha could be held accountable if he did not take action.


Songkhla hoteliers complain border reopening has not helped

Songkhla hoteliers complained that the reopening of Sadao immigration checkpoint on Apr. 1 has not helped them because Malaysian tourists are opting to go to Phuket, Krabi, Phang Nga and Koh Samui where entry barriers and cost are lower.


MP moves to help ex-prosecutor’s daughter-in-law

An MP shared video clips of the son of a former prosecutor badly beating up his wife and promised to help her as police had not taken any action despite four complaints being filed.


Anti-graft panel being asked to probe official over alleged lottery payoff

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The House anti-corruption panel is to be asked to probe a senior official over allegations of seeking a big payoff in allocation of lottery tickets.


Kla Party leader Korn catches Covid, relates details

Kla Party leader Korn Chatikavanij who has contracted Covid-19 gives details of his illness for the benefit of others while daily Covid count is 24,252 cases and 94 deaths.


US and UK hit Moscow with new sanctions 

By AP, published by ABC News, and BBC

US unveiled new sanctions targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughters and banks while UK imposed sanctions on Russia’s largest bank and is committed to ending all imports of Russian coal and oil by the end of 2022.


Newborn suffocates while sleeping with young parents

The teen parents of a newborn baby boy who died of suffocation while sleeping with them are shattered by his death with police suspecting the mother fell off to sleep while breastfeeding him and then rolled on top.


Russia to resume flights with 52 ‘friendly’ countries, Thailand likely among them

By Reuters, published by US News & World Report, and Naewna 

Russia is moving to resume flights with 52 “friendly” countries soon and it is likely that Thailand is on this list.


Chaos at police station probing Tangmo Nida case as chief catches Covid

Pandemonium erupted at the jam-packed Nonthaburi police station that is handling the case of the drowning of actress Tangmo Nida after the superintendent tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday.


Video clip of couple dancing while waiting to cross Chiang Mai road goes viral

Rocking the online world is a video clip of a foreign couple dancing at Chiang Mai’s Rin Kham intersection while waiting to cross the road.


Heavy flooding in Nakhon Si Thammarat, woman and 2 kids rescued from rooftop

Nakhon Si Thammarat province got heavily flooded today (Apr. 5) after three days of torrential rain with a woman and her two children rescued from the roof of a house in a palm plantation.


First Omicron XJ case found with another likely recombinant variant case being checked

The Public Health Ministry said today (Apr. 4) that a transport worker had got infected with the new Omicron XJ subvariant while another likely recombinant variant case emerged yesterday with the sample still being analysed.


Chinese-built sub without German engine could probably be cancelled: PM

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said today (Apr. 4) that the purchase of a Chinese submarine for which a German engine is not being supplied as specified in the contract could be cancelled.


Vladimir Putin should face war crimes trial for Bucha massacre, Biden says

By AP, published by Global News, plus BBC

US President Joe Biden said Russian leader Vladimir Putin should face a war crimes trial and vowed to impose additional sanctions against Russia.


Woman shoots and kills engineer at Rayong construction site

A woman shot dead an engineer supervising the expansion of a road in Rayong province this morning (Apr. 4) and then quickly drove off in a red-licence-plate sedan.


Some 600,000 first-time voters decisive factor in Bangkok governor election: Academic

Bangkok’s first-time voters will heavily influence who will win the gubernatorial election and will likely go in the opposite direction of Baby Boomers, an academic said.


Police likely asked for additional arrest warrants in Tangmo Nida case 

Police likely asked the court to issue more arrest warrants in the drowning of actress Tangmo Nida but were reported to have been turned down while her friend Sand surrendered.


Thai virologist: New Omicron variant XE looks 100% the same as BA. 2

A Thai virologist told the public not to fear the new Omicron variant XE because it looks 100% the same as the BA.2 strain that has spread across the country.


Ukraine documents alleged atrocities by retreating Russians

By AP, published by The National

Ukraine’s troops found brutalised bodies with signs of torture after Russian soldiers withdrew from the outskirts of Kyiv sparking new calls for a war crimes investigation and sanctions against Russia.


Aswin faces being outvoted due to Prayut’s tacit support: MP

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Democrat MP foresees former Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang being outvoted in the upcoming gubernatorial election as a result of tacit support from Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.


Major fire at waste recycling complex, significant damage reported

Firemen battled to put out a big blaze at a waste recycling shop and yard in Thung Khru district last night (Apr. 1) that caused hundreds of thousands baht damage.


Arrest warrant out for Tangmo Nida’s friend Sand

An arrest warrant has been issued for Ms. Wisapat Manomairat, or Sand, one of drowned actress Tangmo Nida’s five friends who were with her on the speedboat when she drowned in Feb. 


Ladyboy nabbed for stealing Belgian tourist’s gold necklace

A transgender thief who stole a gold necklace from a Belgian tourist as he walked down Sukhumvit road earlier this week was arrested today (Apr. 2).


Thanathorn’s mum points to politics over revocation of land title deed

Progressive Movement Chairman Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit’s mother said she was not the first person to buy a big plot of land facing revocation of title deed while blaming politics for these problems.


Prayut has tacitly helped Aswin in race for Bangkok governor: Ex-Deputy PM

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is now tactically helping ex-Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang who he had placed in the city’s top post with his electoral campaign.


 PM orders immediate hospitalisation of 608 group Covid patients

With most of the Covid patients and deaths now being from the 608 group (those over 60 years of age, suffering from chronic diseases and young children), Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today (Apr. 1) ordered their immediate hospitalisation.


Lawyer: Good news in Tangmo Nida case within 15 days

The lawyer of drowned actress Tangmo Nida’s mother said there will be good news about this case within 15 days with some or all her friends on the speedboat to be prosecuted.


Several noted figures running for Bangkok governor

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Several prominent persons applied to run for Bangkok governor election today (Mar. 31) with noted figures also doing so for Pattaya mayor election, both set to take place on May 22.


Rural doctors say nationwide daily ATK positive tally too low

The Rural Doctor Society said in a Facebook post that today’s (Mar. 31) Covid figures are unusually low, particularly the ATK positive tally.


Senator raises questions in drowning of actress

A senator cast doubt on police investigation of the drowning of actress Tangmo Nida saying a video clip he saw showed her friends drinking one bottle of champagne in 13 minutes.


‘Ladyboy’ steals gold necklace from Belgian tourist 

A Belgian tourist walking down Sukhumvit road was robbed of his gold chain when suddenly hugged by a person who appeared to be a ladyboy with police now hunting for the thief.

Paetongtarn still undecided whether to run for PM: Thaksin

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Former premier Thaksin Shinawatra said his youngest daughter Paetongtarn Shinawatra has not decided whether to run for premiership and he has given her free rein to do so.


Russian forces continue to bombard Ukrainian cities after promising to scale back troops

By Reuters, published by ABC News, plus BBC

Russian troops continued bombarding the Ukrainian capital and another city soon after pledging to scale back operations there while Germany and Austria took steps towards gas rationing.


Body of tourist who drowned while rafting in Phang Nga found

A search by a hundred-strong team finally found the body of an Iranian tourist who drowned while white water rafting in Phang Nga province yesterday (Mar. 29).


Dengue fever to surge again this year