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93 kg heroin, over 160 kg Ice seized, some heading for Australia


A JOINT Thai-Australian action led to the seizure of 29.6 kg of heroin hidden in plastic or resin sheets just about to be shipped to Australia with further investigation leading to more drugs being seized in Thailand taking the total to 93 kg heroin and 161.2 kg crystal methamphetamine (Ice), Naewna newspaper said this afternoon (Apr. 13).

Mr. Wichai Chaimongkol, secretary-general of the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB), said he was tipped off last Tuesday (Apr. 11) that a large amount of drugs was about to be smuggled from Thailand to Australia.

A raid on a warehouse in the Bueng Kum area of Bangkok led to the seizure of 80 sticks of heroin, a category one drug, weighing around 29.6 kg and hidden in what appears to be either plastic or resin sheets just as it was about to be shipped to Australia.

ONCB then informed Australian Federal Police (AFP) and investigation there led to the arrest of a half-Thai, half-Australian suspect. Meanwhile in Thailand Ms. Kanda (surname withheld), 34, who had arranged this shipment, was arrested at a parking lot in front of a department store in Rama 3 area.

She testified that she had been hired to do so by a man who she only identified as Mr. Hia. This led to the arrest of Mr. Leung Ka Wing, or Hia, 63, a Malaysian, at a petrol pump in Rama 3 area with 3.3 kg Ice found hidden in a photo frame in his sedan.

Also arrested with the Malaysian suspect was Mr. Chai Lu, or Tee, 36, a Thai, whose duty was to transfer money.

After that two condos in the Yannawa area were raided and at the first one  29.9 kg Ice was found hidden in photo frames and Mr. Kai Cheong Chan, a Hong Kong Chinese citizen, 62, was arrested.

At the second condo  380 sticks of heroin weighing about 63.4 kg and 128 kg Ice were seized.

Aside from informing Australian Federal Police, ONCB has also briefed Malaysian police’s Narcotics Crime Investigation Department to work on arresting more suspects and seizing their assets.


A few raids led to the seizure of large amounts of heroin and Ice. Photos: Naewna

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