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Hailing again in Chiang Mai with Chiang Rai too lashed


IT IS raining and hailing for the second day in a row in Chiang Mai with Chiang Rai too hit today (Mar. 19) while photos shared by a local news page showed farmland covered with large hailstones, TV Channel

An academic disaster warning Facebook page said at 4.30 p.m. today that the Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation Department’s radars in Chiang Mai’s Omkoi district and in Chiang Rai had detected thunderstorms and hail amid strong winds in both northern provinces.

The alert was issued just an hour after the department issued a warning that in keeping with information from the Thai Meteorological Department its radars foresee rain an hailstorm hitting Chiang Mai’s Chom Thong, Doi Lo, Mae Wang and San Pa Tong districts; Lamphun’s Ban Hong, Pa Sang and Thung Hua Chang districts; and Lampang’s Thoen and Mae Phrik districts.

Meanwhile the Chom Thong Rak Khun news page published photos of a carpet of hailstones covering farmland and damaged houses in this Chiang Mai district. Photos shared by Facebook users Nim Mpfamily and Sopha Sansri showed how big the hailstones are.

The same academic disaster warning Facebook page said a little later that hailstorm had also lashed Mae Wang bamboo rafting spot and startled tourists.


Big hailstones falling in Chiang Mai today, March 19, 2023. Photos shared by TV Channel 7

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