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Over 200 revellers all flee Pattaya pub raid


A RAID on a high-end pub in Pattaya by a team of policemen from Provincial Police Region 2 and Pattaya police station failed to control the over 200 revellers who all pushed their way through the cordon and escaped,  TV Channel 7 said today (Oct. 23).

When the police team arrived at the posh pub located on  Petchtrakul Road, North Pattaya, they saw that a large number of Thai and foreign customers were drinking and dancing to loud music amidst colourful stage lights and ordered the DJ to switch off the music and turn on the main lights.

They then told the customers to separate into two groups of men and women to check their identification and undergo urine tests for drug consumption.

However, just then a man wearing a red shirt protested and refused to cooperate, triggering chaos that then led to the customers collectively pushing their way through the cordon and all escaping. As the police team was greatly outnumbered they were unable to stop them.

Nevertheless the policemen did find a lot of what appeared to be drugs strewn around the pub.

During the search the pub owner walked up to negotiate with the police team saying he had paid money to continue running the pub and why were they then mounting this raid.

The policemen ignored what he said and quickly detained him. However while he was being taken to the police station he asked why the police did not raid the other pubs too.

Yet the small team mounting this raid was unable to get a single customer to undergo a urine test for drug use.


The raid on a Pattaya pub with the Thai headline saying, “Chaos – arresting at Pattaya pub – customers flee and owner blows up.”  Photo: TV Channel 7

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