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Wealthy protester’s wife files rape charges against former deputy party leader

THE wife of Mr. Thanat Thanakitamnuay, or Hiso Luknut, a wealthy protester, last evening filed rape charges against a former deputy leader of a political party, Sanook.com and TV Channel 7 said today (Apr. 15).

Mrs. Hathairat Thanakitamnuay, or Anna,  who is Ruam Thai United Party’s councillor candidate in the Bangkok gubernatorial election, was accompanied by her wealthy husband in filing these charges at Lumpini police station after arriving there at 6.30 p.m. last evening.

She alleged that in 2021, soon after she broke up with her boyfriend whom she had planned to marry and just lost her younger brother, she wanted to start something new with the former deputy party leader offering her a chance to do business.

She further alleged that she was asked to meet him at a restaurant, which he claimed to own, after which they were to go to his office nearby in the Sukhumvit area. However the office turned out to be a condominium unit.

She then alleged that this person raped her at this condo and she was not able to resist him as she only weighed 39 kilogrammes.

She urged other victims to come forth and speak up.

Ruam Thai United Party issued a statement today fully supporting Hathairat and other victims in this case as it is not easy to file such charges or reveal to society what had happened because victims are usually stigmatised and condemned by the society.


Thanat and his wife Hathairat at Lumpini police station, top, and dancing on Home Page. The Thai headline says, “Urging victims to come out.” Photos: Sanook.com

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