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‘Ladyboy’ steals gold necklace from Belgian tourist 



A BELGIAN man who was robbed of his gold necklace by possibly a ladyboy who hugged him while he was walking down Sukhumvit road filed a complaint at Lumpini police station today (Mar. 31) as he really wants the chain given to him by his dad back, Sanook.com said.

Mr. Frederik de Vreese, 25, told reporters after filing the complaint that on Tuesday Mar. 29 night as he was walking from Sukhumvit Soi 13 to Soi Cowboy in Sukhumvit Soi 21 a person who was likely a transvestite came and hugged him and said, “Hello darling, where are you going? Let’s go together.”

However he pushed him away with the incident lasting only five seconds. About 10 minutes later when he went to the bathroom he realised that the necklace was gone.

He went through a video clip taken during the walk and found out that the ladyboy had taken it. This clip was shared online by a Facebook member whose Thai name translates to, “If you want to be famous, I will arrange it. Return, part 3.”

He confirmed that he had never met the thief before but was certain he was a transvestite being as tall as he was.

He added that the gold necklace was not very expensive, costing around 30,000 baht, but he wanted it back as it had been given to him by dad.

The tourist had questioned other ladyboys in the area who said this person was not Thai and came around to this area once a week, but he was not sure whether this was true or not.

The spot where the theft took place is near a footbridge close to the entrance of Sukhumvit Soi 19. There is no surveillance camera there and the one at the entrance of Soi 19 turns the other direction.

Sanook.com’s reporters questioned motorcycle taxi riders at Soi 19 who said there was a group of ladyboys gathering there periodically in groups of two to three persons and they often rob tourists.

They added that it was dark so they could not see who it was who stole the gold chain and could not identify the thief from the tattoo shown in the video clip.

Meanwhile Pol. Col. Tonruwat Buddhawiro, deputy chief of Lumpini police station, sent a team of policemen to investigate the area and arrest the thief.


Images of the theft taken from the video clip of the Belgian tourist walking down Sukhumvit road. Photos: Sanook.com

Watch video of the theft:


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