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Arrest warrants out for 2 Canadians in the killing of gangster in Phuket

THE Phuket Provincial Court approved arrest warrants for two Canadian men, both former soldiers, who are suspects in the the murder of Indian-Canadian gangster in front of his luxury villa at Phuket’s Rawai beach on Feb. 4, Matichon newspaper said this evening (Feb. 12).

The two suspects were seen firing a volley of bullets at Mr. Jimi “Slice” Sandhu, a Canadian-Indian who had been deported a few years ago but was using a Canadian passport under the name Mr Mandeep Singh, at around 10.30 p.m. that night.

The suspects had thrown their firearms into the sea just across from an abandoned house near the deceased man’s villa. Police searched and found them with one being a CZ 75 9mm semi-automatic pistol and the other Walther PPK .38 automatic pistol. Both are licensed.

Investigation shows that the two Canadian suspects, who arrived in Thailand on December 18 and flew out on Feb. 6 by going through normal channels, were former soldiers and both around 37 years old.

After tracking them and gathering sufficient evidence police today applied for and obtained arrest warrants from the Phuket Provincial Court for their arrest on the charges of premeditated murder.

The Thai police has also liased with their counterparts in other countries and exchanged information on the others who participated in the murder particularly the person who issued the order for the killing. 

Among them are suspects both in Thailand and overseas with the latter to be brought to Thailand for prosecution.


Top: The two gunmen captured on camera near the luxury villa where the murder took place. Photo: Thai Post

Home Page: The abandoned house near the deceased gangster’s luxury villa. Photo: Matichon

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