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‘Bad students’ kick off Bye Bye Dinosaurs protest activities 

THE “bad students” demonstrating beneath BTS Siam station started rolling out their Bye Bye Dinosaurs protest activities at 5.20 p.m. today (Nov. 21) with there being five dinosaur characters present and also a windball symbolizing a meteorite that will wipe out backwardness, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

This is a symbolic expression of children with most of those attending the rally being under the age of 18 and wearing wristbands to uphold their rights.

However the general public too have joined the demonstration with there being a large stage on the road, which has been closed from Chalerm Phao to Pathumwan intersection.

At 6 p.m. Mr. Laphonphat Wangpaisit, or Min, one of the leaders of this student group, came on stage and said ten issues covering all aspects of the society will be addressed today.

The first speaker then got on the stage and gave a speech about education problems, tutoring, poor students, educational disparities as well as pointing out that youths should participate in drafting the new constitution because they too are the people of this country.

Then at 6. 24 p.m. the second speaker started giving a speech on education reform, government management, children who are sexually harassed even while wearing their uniform and also gender diversity.


The “bad students” demonstration taking place today. Photos: Thai Rath









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